The Kingsford Hotel was originally the Globe Inn.

The Kingsford Hotel (originally the Globe Inn) opened for business in 1851. Today it still operates from the original building which is proudly part of the Register of the National Estate and the State Heritage Register. Over the years the hotel has been upgraded and extended but the historical features of the building have been carefully preserved. For example the building retains the fine cast iron verandah and lacework which was added to the hotel in the 1880’s and manufactured in Gawler’s famous Thompson’s Eagle Foundry.

The hotel was renamed “Kingsford” in 1958 after the historic property just north of Gawler which was established by Stephen King, one of the towns original settlers.

Over the years the hotel has been blessed with loyal “down to earth” customers of substance. Kingsford customers are special and no doubt even today they are influenced by the famous Humbug Society which was formed at the hotel in 1859. The society achieved notoriety for its satirical attacks on other local societies, well known for their antiquated traditions and rituals. Society rules included the objective of “advocacy of Humbug, in contradistinction to it’s secret practice in most other societies”. The influence of the Humbug Society in the early years of Gawler was such that one of it’s most prominent satirists E.L. Grundy was elected as a member of Parliament in 1860.

Thanks to the Humbugs, Gawler became the first provincial town in South Australia to have it’s own newspaper. The Society launched “The Bunyip” in 1863 with the purpose of satirizing social and political events.

Like the original Humbugs, our customers today expect the Kingsford Hotel to maintain the standard with no nonsense quality meals and service at fair dinkum country prices.

Visit the famous Kingsford Hotel at Gawler.